Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good News!

Because I don't want to leave any of you hanging, I had a blood pressure check yesterday morning and it had actually come down! I'm still in the "your blood pressure is kind of high" range, but not in the "we're worried about you having preeclampsia" range. Yay!
I keep reminding myself that this DOES NOT mean that I can go back to all my old ways of going until I am exhausted and eating whatever I want - paying really close attention to those things is probably what got my bp down in the first place. But at least I know that there's a way to control it.
Which brings me to a question for all of you.... do any of you know of any quick and easy recipes/meals that don't use canned or majorly processed foods (in other words, low in sodium) that you can pass my way? I'm finding that cooking at home without canned or processed elements is the easiest way to eat low-sodium, but I'm also trying to rest, so running around like a crazy chef isn't exactly what I'm looking for, either! If you have any good ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Complication....

We knew things couldn't be so perfect the whole time! I went to the Dr. last Tuesday for my glucose check and a routine check and my blood pressure came back high. They asked me to pee in a cup, which turned up some protein in my urine. These two things together indicated that I'm at a high risk for preeclampsia. It's apparently pretty common in first pregnancies and if I was at 37 weeks or later, they'd just induce. But at 27 weeks, I'm much to early for that. They took some blood tests and those came back normal.

So I was sent home from work for the rest of the week (though it was Thanksgiving week, so I was already going to be out Thursday and Friday). I was told to do lots of resting and avoid salty foods (Thanksgiving week!). Lindsay did all the driving down to her aunt's in Illinois for the holiday and everyone was so great about keeping me at rest. It certainly wasn't fun to avoid salt during Thanksgiving, but I did it.

Today I went in for another check and.... my blood pressure is still high. I'm told that I don't *have* preeclampsia at this point, but I'm so close that there's concern I could go down that path. I'm back at work, but doing everything I can to be mellow. I go back on Friday for another blood pressure check and we'll go from there. Right now, we're taking it week by week to see how things go. As much as I'd *like* to not have to go to work, I'm not ready for that. Mostly, I want to ensure I can still travel to California for the holidays!

Oh, and by the way, I passed my glucose test! I thought for sure I'd have to worry about having gestational diabetes, but looks like I'm ok with that!

I'm doing ok right now... just trying to take it easy. I'll keep you updated!