Sunday, October 25, 2009

93% Done...

While Jude is still cooking, we're getting his room all ready. It's been sooooo fun to walk by every day and see the furniture set up in there. This weekend was the time to get most of the decorations up. We have vinyl decals of robots, plus a few other creations... As you can see, we're nearly done. We still need a few odds and ends: the changing pad, a diaper pail, a clock/CD/ipod player, to name a few. But it's really "Jude's room" now and I totally LOVE it.

Allow me to introduce you to Hirohito Shibainu and CHUCK (Lindsay likes to change Hirohito's Japanese name up every time and CHUCK talks with a crazy voice, just in case you're playing along.....)

Here's Jude's signature collage wall. We'll add to it/make changes as he gets older.

We found this idea online... interesting fabrics in an embroidery hoop as a frame. We love it and it's soooooo easy and cheap!

Sully cleverly camouflages himself with the new glider cushions.

We don't have a name for this guy yet. Alls we know is that he likes to hang from the shelf.
This is Shy Guy. He's more of an observer (and yes, he's blue, not black).
This Daddy or Folsom... we can't decide. And... well, um... that's just because.
Here's the changing table we so lovingly put together with the Drew triptych and Daddy/Folsom hanging out below.
This is Volt, keeper of the light switch (oooh.. see the dimmer switch we so handily installed? Are you admiring it's variable light levels?)
Elton... he thinks he's a Rocket Man. (He's also in the corner, which explains his funky shape)
And here's the rocket ship and Dumb Guy. We know, we know... he needs a new name, but he's Lindsay's least favorite robot so Dumb Guy works.
And just for a little perspective, here's the view form the glider and the view from the door. We're still waiting for the mobile to come in the mail and the decorations will be done!

As for me, I'm feeling good... save for some lower back pain and some AWESOME acne. Jude has been trying out all kinds of moves. There's somersaults, the bicycle and, his favorite, hiccups. Yay for month 5!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Does this picture make my stuff look big?

That's right -- it's a boy! And since we aren't keeping that a secret, we can also tell you his full name (we're planners). It's Jude August Heyer.

The pictures are incredible, but they don't do justice of what it was like to see the baby move on the screen! You can see his hands, fingers, unbelievable.

The nurse spent about 45 minutes with the ultrasound machine showing us all kinds of different views of the baby. We were able to measure his waist (15cm) and his head (17cm). And we could see all four chambers of his heart and heart his heart beating at 168 beats per minute (bpm to those in the biz).

The technician took all of the measurements that she needed to take while the baby showed off his left and right profile. Third time's the charm, and he was a wiggler again. He did an entire somersault during the ultrasound. You could watch his body move in real time as Liz was feeling it.

Here are the photos from our ultrasound. Of course, he looks beautiful to me.

Okay, so the technician said that it was like he was sitting on a glass table and we were looking up from the bottom. So, those aren't his full legs, and it is a little misleading.

Don't you think that is a REALLY cute foot? Not just any regular foot, right? I know. He's a foot model.

A great detailed picture of the baby -- you can see how cute the profile is! Liz and I think that is his ear (the white part where an ear would be), but the technician said no. Hmph.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cute, right?

Check out these two photos of Liz we took last night. Look how cute and pregnant she is!

"Hey, you see that bump? Do the horizontal stripes help?"

"There's a BABY in there!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I think it's gonna be the most important day so far in my life.

Tuesday is the day that we find out whether Smalls is a boy or a girl. Hopefully, unless Smalls is being private and modest like Owen was when they went to check on him. I am pretty convinced that it is going to be the most important day of my life so far.

Not because Smalls is going to be dressed in blue with sports or pink with princess hats. No matter how much I support gender neutrality, there are still some things that are going to be different in my life depending on the news that I get on Tuesday. But nothing significant comes to mind. The things that I can think of are what color gdiaper covers I am going to get. Or if the storage boxes will have flowers or another pattern.

What does come to mind is the common threads between what I want my son or my daughter to be like.


Either way, I am going to be completely overwhelmed with anticipation waiting to find out if it is going to be Jude or Nora.