Sunday, July 18, 2010


Jude has been alive for 148 days today, and I absolutely cannot believe how much has changed.  It feels like every day something amazing and new happens, but when you ask me what I did over the weekend, it always comes out "I sat around and looked at my baby."

To illustrate how much has changed, I have put together a graphic.  This is a la the Now and Then Game on Price is right.

Okay, so I couldn't create the same kind of slick graphic (did you know that oil cost $0.76 in 1979?), but I can put together a mean excel table.

Insane!  And if you see me walking out with Jude, don't say something like "Enjoy it.  It goes so fast." or "They aren't always this little." I know that.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jude, the Food Dude

We started Jude on solid foods this week.  After his 4 month appointment, the pediatrician said that he was a big guy and was old enough to start on people food.  And he was eating his feet, so we of course assumed that he was ready to eat solids.

She wanted us to start rice cereal.  I have always had this strange interest in "rice cereal."  Why do babies eat it?  What is it, rice or cereal?  How can it come in a box?  Needless to say, Jude did not share this fascination.

Day 1: He hated rice cereal.  It sat it his mouth like the paste that we used to have in our first grade class that came in a tub with a stick to smear it.  We decided that he wasn't in the right mood that night, so we packed up the rice cereal.

Day 2: Rice cereal again.  Jude still not interested and definitely not swallowing.  We gave up after approximately 3 "bites."  Not really bites, since he won't swallow.

Day 3:  Take break.  Don't even think about rice cereal.

Day 4: Start with rice cereal.  End with bananas.  Jude loves bananas, we come to find out.  Maybe it is because I always dress him in shirts with monkeys on them.  He ate an entire banana in one sitting.  Obviously, the problem was not that Jude didn't like solid foods.  The problem was that his didn't like rice cereal.  Of course we would have a baby who was a foodie.

We continued with bananas for a couple of days and then shifted into chicken as soon as we knew that he wasn't allergic to bananas.  Pureed chicken = disgusting to you and disgusting to Jude.  He gagged dramatically and made repulsed faces.  After the disappointment with the rice cereal, we knew that we couldn't give up quickly.  Jude would not be a picky eater.  He would definitely like chicken.

After three days of chicken, the gagging improved.  He's not ready for Taillevent, but I feel confident about the green beans and peas we have in the freezer.

One big happy family!

Our adoption is officially legal!  We even got the decrees in the mail.  Now all we are waiting for are the birth certificates.  Thank you to our attorney, Lindsay Flint, and the awesome judge Tony Leung who was thrilled to make our family official.