Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Mantra: Get Baby

Okay, so it is 2009. The year to get pregnant. I know, other people may call it "the year for change" or the "Year of the Ox." At our house, it is the year to get pregnant. Our vag wand and monitor came just before we went on our Christmas vacation and is currently being put to good use by E. Now if we can just understand the results, we will be on the right track. And if we can remember to plug in the tongue sensor into the monitor before freaking out that the reading was over 400. Wow, a lot of things to remember at 5:45 am every day.

The test results from E's testing before the holidays haven't come yet -- it should be able to tell us if she is currently ovulating. Whatever the magic number is (I have no idea what the scientific name for it is) needs to be greater than 10. <10 = Clomid. And having watched a marathon of Jon and Kate Plus 8 over the holidays, I am not sure that I am ready for Clomid. At least I know that I wouldn't be as bitchy as Kate. Or maybe I would. Okay, but I would definitely NOT have that haircut. Ugh.

I also finished book one in my series of must-have reads, The Other Mother. Here's my review. It wasn't for me. If I were gender queer and wanted to be called something other than "mommy" and needed people to recognize that I am somewhere in between mother and father, this book would have been fantastic. But here's the story. I know exactly what I want my role to be in my baby's life. I have told my partner. We have been together for 13 years and have been talking about children since year 2. And maybe I will come to regret saying all of this, but I don't worry about "coming out" in a new way when we have our baby. I am not concerned with having to tell people that I am not the biological mother of the child. I am sure that these are things that will stress me out in the not-so-distant future (key point: I am a serious worrier), but for right now, I need to think about staying awake to support E when she is up for 15 minutes messing around with the vag wand and the tongue sensor.

What was good about the book was to hear about how long it took all of the couples to get pregnant and how the significant other dealt with that stress. Unfortunately, only a couple of the stories focused on this part. A strange number of them got pregnant the first time .